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Medical Transciption

With DigiScribe's 13 years of medical transcription experience, the company provides accurate transcription services to its client through its experienced staff and extensive in-house training under a HIPAA compliant environment. Our skilled staffs can transcribe reports from radiology, oncology, neurology, internal medicine and any other medical specialties. The company ensures on-time file delivery with highest accuracy possible.

Our objective is to offer each client high quality and prompt medical transcription services, coupled with competitive pricing in the industry. Our company will provide medical transcription services based on the personal needs of individual medical practitioner, clinic or hospital. We are also offering our transcription services for medical transcription companies outsourcing part of their work offshore to reduce overhead costs. We believe that offering the best rates enables the MT industry to grow further, since cost, aside from quality is a major driving force for the service.

DigiScribe uses a multilevel transcription and editing process to ensure accurate reports. Each dictation downloaded by the company is meticulously transcribed by trained MT's. This is then proofread by experienced editors and finally checked by our quality assurance personnel for its accuracy before it is returned to our clients. All our grading systems and quality audits are based on AAMT guidelines, and we can guarantee no less than 99.5% accuracy.